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395 2020-04-08 In a country of 1.3 billion, space isn’t just scarce – it’s taboo. Try squaring that with a pandemic
In India, many live in less space than is recommended for prison cells. And to most of us, having our own room is unimaginable – if not taboo. Social distancing as a measure to battle the coronavirus pandemic isn’t just a challenge. It’s completely unnatural to a country where community is everything.
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388 2020-04-06 I miss touch. Do you?
What we are experiencing is the learned obsolescence of an entire sense organ.
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376 2020-03-30 A guide to sanity during lockdown
Five helpful reads to navigate our strange new world.
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373 2020-03-27 The coronavirus is reminding us that anxiety is good – as long as it doesn’t turn into panic
It’s OK to feel anxious about the coronavirus pandemic. Anxiety has been stigmatised as a disorder or disease, but we never would have survived as a species without it. And it stops us drinking with friends on spring break in Miami when we should be self-isolating. If we treat our anxiety with compassion and not just as an obstacle, it can be a very beneficial trait – even the hallmark of great leadership.
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364 2020-03-23 Hi bosses: hope you are ready for what comes next
I hate the coronavirus. But I hope something will come from it that decades of advocacy haven’t yet achieved: making mental health conversations the norm at work.
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363 2020-03-20 Bookmark this! ‘The importance of laughter’ – and four other reads on happiness
Every week, our team handpicks essential reads on a timely topic so you can start your weekend exploring ideas that really matter. This week: happiness.
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348 2020-03-16 Meet Yuli Yang, coronavirus stigma buster
The story of the #GoWuhan campaign.
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335 2020-03-09 Coronavirus has nothing on the disease that’s corporate culture
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323 2020-03-04 Justice isn’t enough: why forgiveness is the key to overcoming guilt
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267 2020-02-03 Mental toughness is overrated: a World Cup-winning coach debunks sport’s most sacred trait
Paddy Upton made it to the top of the ‘gentleman’s game’. As many others struggle with the sport’s gruelling schedule and the pressures of fame, the South African coach shares invaluable lessons for mental health in sports and life.
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211 2020-01-07 The modern workplace is toxic. We need to overhaul how we think about mental health at work
Stress and excessively long working hours contribute to the deaths of approximately 2.8 million workers every year. We urgently need to rethink mental health in the workplace. Here are four ways to start.
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193 2019-12-21 India’s protesting students have found an unlikely ally: therapists 
The recent violence on streets across India is triggering both depression and anxiety in protestors and observers. Can mental health professionals put aside their age-old principle of neutrality to better help their clients?
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164 2019-12-10 Science shows forgiveness really is a medicine
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157 2019-12-09 What can Twitter learn from #MentalHealth Twitter?
The power of collaboration and paying attention.
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130 2019-11-21 The time has come to take the self out of self-care
While the reminder to care for oneself can lead to improved wellbeing, the idea is increasingly commodified and weaponised against those who are most vulnerable. Here are four problems with our golden age of self-care.
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86 2019-10-25 A neuroscientist’s guide to what happens in your brain when you feel guilt
I spoke with Roland Zahn, a psychiatrist at King’s College London, whose cutting-edge research on brain activity and mood disorders could transform the way we treat depression.
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58 2019-10-07 The benevolence of unquiet minds
Refusing to see your sickness as a disability isn’t just a personal gesture. It is an act of enormous generosity – but is also easy to sabotage.
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36 2019-09-30 ‘How’s your mind?’ The quest for new ways to talk about mental illness
My longterm battle with depression and anxiety has made plain the need to reset the way mental illness is perceived, discussed and treated.
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38 2019-09-30 Meet our Sanity correspondent, Tanmoy Goswami
"What is this big ideal of sanity that the entire world is chasing after, and the politics behind it?"
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26 2019-09-30 Why I’m joining as the Sanity correspondent
In 2016, after many exciting years in the job, I decided to take a break from journalism.Storytelling has been at the core of my identity for as long as I can remember. Stepping away from it was hard, but the constant doomsaying around journalism, rampant job losses across the industry, and the straitjacket of advertisement-based business models had started to get oppressive.l had become jaded and cynical, and I hated feeling this way about the profession I had idealised since I was a teenager.In search of a media utopiaAs I started looking for media utopias (convinced they didn’t exist), I discovered New York University professor Jay Rosen’s research on global media experiments that were overthrowing the tyranny of ad dollars. The Membership Puzzle, as Professor Rosen’s project was called, introduced me to De Correspondent. Its emphasis on putting “members” first, radically reimagining “beats”, and capturing the stories that matter by staying away from breaking news seemed the very definition of utopia.
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