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551 2020-06-25 This new sci-fi series makes you realise that human touch is priceless – by putting a price tag on it
In the new sci-fi television series Upload, humans can buy eternal life thanks to artificial intelligence and virtual reality. But life’s real prize isn’t immortality: it’s the sensation of touch.
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545 2020-06-22 A warning for brands cashing in on pride month (and every other expression of marginalised identity)
Don’t talk big about inclusion and diversity unless you do this first.
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526 2020-06-12 Why we need hugs and handshakes to stay healthy
Touch is the first sense we develop and vital for almost everything we do. Not being able to hug or shake hands really is detrimental to our health and to our ability to understand each other.
Tanmoy Goswami 20
516 2020-06-08 I’m trying my eighth form of healing. How many you got?
I am excited. But also nervous.
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501 2020-06-01 Who cuts the barber’s hair?
What happens when "experts" who are supposed to care for us need care themselves?
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490 2020-05-26 We asked how to prevent suicides caused by the pandemic. This is what experts told us
In an earlier piece, I asked the question: what are the best strategies to prevent suicides after a disaster? Experts and members of The Correspondent offered these four concrete ideas that can save lives everywhere.
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485 2020-05-25 Please teach me how to read books again
I now read the rare book because of one reason alone: guilt. And that’s never a good reason.
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448 2020-05-06 The coronavirus pandemic is triggering suicides. Here’s what we can do to help
People all over the world are at heightened risk of self-harm because of fear, stigma, and the destruction of livelihoods. To help each other, we first need to acknowledge that suicides are a complex social issue, not merely a healthcare one. And we need to believe that they can be prevented.
Tanmoy Goswami 9
445 2020-05-01 From the myth of meritocracy to the rise of bullshit jobs – it’s time we admit work doesn’t make us happy
"Workplace happiness" is an elaborate charade, propped up by productivity-hungry employers spending millions to keep employees happy and engaged. The reality – as the coronavirus pandemic is proving all over again – is that for billions of people across the world, work is a tightrope walk between indignity and survival. Here are seven steps to get rid of the obsession with happiness at work and focus on humanity instead.
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417 2020-04-20 In science, the only certainty is uncertainty. How can scientists communicate that better?
One of science’s critical failings is its inability to communicate to the layperson that uncertainty – not certainty – lies at its core.
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402 2020-04-13 We are now six months old. My biggest lesson? Being a fan of your readers pays
Reflections on my first six months as a full-time writer on the world’s first "Sanity" beat, with a team that insists on doing everything differently.
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395 2020-04-08 In a country of 1.3 billion, space isn’t just scarce – it’s taboo. Try squaring that with a pandemic
In India, many live in less space than is recommended for prison cells. And to most of us, having our own room is unimaginable – if not taboo. Social distancing as a measure to battle the coronavirus pandemic isn’t just a challenge. It’s completely unnatural to a country where community is everything.
Tanmoy Goswami 30
388 2020-04-06 I miss touch. Do you?
What we are experiencing is the learned obsolescence of an entire sense organ.
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376 2020-03-30 A guide to sanity during lockdown
Five helpful reads to navigate our strange new world.
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373 2020-03-27 The coronavirus is reminding us that anxiety is good – as long as it doesn’t turn into panic
It’s OK to feel anxious about the coronavirus pandemic. Anxiety has been stigmatised as a disorder or disease, but we never would have survived as a species without it. And it stops us drinking with friends on spring break in Miami when we should be self-isolating. If we treat our anxiety with compassion and not just as an obstacle, it can be a very beneficial trait – even the hallmark of great leadership.
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364 2020-03-23 Hi bosses: hope you are ready for what comes next
I hate the coronavirus. But I hope something will come from it that decades of advocacy haven’t yet achieved: making mental health conversations the norm at work.
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363 2020-03-20 Bookmark this! ‘The importance of laughter’ – and four other reads on happiness
Every week, our team handpicks essential reads on a timely topic so you can start your weekend exploring ideas that really matter. This week: happiness.
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348 2020-03-16 Meet Yuli Yang, coronavirus stigma buster
The story of the #GoWuhan campaign.
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335 2020-03-09 Coronavirus has nothing on the disease that’s corporate culture
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323 2020-03-04 Justice isn’t enough: why forgiveness is the key to overcoming guilt
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