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829 2020-12-07 2020’s biggest lie? ‘Mental health is for everyone’
The ongoing call to democratise mental health is again failing those who have traditionally lacked representation.
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820 2020-12-04 The time has come to take the self out of self-care
The longest year of the 21st century is about to end; New Year resolutions ahoy. It’s that time again when we embrace self-care, and a booming self-care industry serenades us with its baubles. But the seemingly fun, empowering idea of self-care has an ugly underside: it is weaponised against those who are most vulnerable and have the least access to resources.
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819 2020-11-30 Seven quick, essential reads that will change the way you think about mental health
I have learned a tonne from the people behind them.
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814 2020-11-25 There’s a revolution happening in global mental health
The global mental health movement was expected to address the inequities between high- and low-income countries. But after a little over a decade, the movement suffers from many of the same flaws it set out to tackle. Can an unlikely alliance signal an alternative pathway to real change?
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783 2020-11-06 How to cope with the year of uncertainty in the age of on demand
We built a culture of speed, but a pandemic forced us to go still. We made waiting obsolete, but 2020 forced us to wait for a vaccine or just a hug from friends. And now, we nervously wait for the world’s most powerful country to decide its new leader. In the year of uncertainty, the solution is small, incremental actions instead of big, energy-sapping plans.
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764 2020-10-27 ‘Investing’ in mental health is doomed to fail because humans aren’t stocks
The World Health Organization focused on investing in mental health as the theme for this year’s World Mental Health Day. That might sound sensible, but it’s precisely this language of ‘investment’ that is taking the mental health conversation backwards.
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755 2020-10-19 The fate of the world rests on researchers – but they are depressed, anxious and burning out. In this new survey, 13,000 of them tell us why
The ‘publish or perish’ race in research is one of its worst-kept – and most troubling – secrets. But that’s not the only thing wrong with research culture.
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742 2020-10-12 ‘Can you believe this s**t is still happening?’ Meet Desmond T Jumbam, the man who used biting humour to demand vital reforms in global health
Global health is dominated by neocolonial western powers, who often lack both knowledge of and interest in the global south.
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736 2020-10-08 We’re touching our smartphones more than ever. And it’s changing the ancient connection between the body and the brain
Swiping, tapping and pinching our smartphone touchscreen is modifying the millennia-old circuitry joining the thumb and the brain. As the pandemic pushes us ever deeper into the smartphone’s embrace, what could this mean for our brains?
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730 2020-10-05 Covid-19 changed my dreams. What about yours?
A dream expert says the pandemic impacted ‘how much we dream, how many of our dreams we remember and the nature of our dreams themselves’.
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714 2020-09-28 Jaipreet Virdi, ‘deaf and radical’ historian, says we must end our obsession with ‘cures’
Dr Virdi lost her hearing when she was four. In a recently published book, she challenges society’s obsession to ‘cure’ deafness.
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701 2020-09-17 Who is an ‘expert’, anyway? Here’s why we need to diversify our sources as journalists
People with lived experience are still not seen as expert sources. But as we strive to find a new language to talk about mental health, that means throwing out the old idea of who we can call ‘experts’.
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695 2020-09-14 What does a ‘suicidologist’ do?
On World Suicide Prevention Day, I spoke with one to understand.
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660 2020-08-26 From electrifying kisses to sex robots: the fascinating history of how touch shaped the modern world
Touch has played a critical role in the evolution of science and technology, but this is missing from history books in a world where seeing and hearing top the sensory pecking order. Cultural historian David Parisi questions whether buzzy AI innovations such as haptic suits can reverse this.
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649 2020-08-18 How to ‘ungender’ work
Entrepreneur Pallavi Pareek wants to help build workplaces that are inclusive for all genders.
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637 2020-08-10 Ssh. Don’t say you feel ‘lonely’. Big Pharma is listening
Apparently, loneliness could be ‘cured’ with pills and nasal sprays. Now I’ve seen it all.
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627 2020-08-04 Millions are forced to live without touch. But technology now has a solution
Amputees don’t just lose parts of their anatomy – they lose access to the sensation of touch, which contains a wealth of neurobiological and emotional raw material. A brand-new technology is helping recover it.
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609 2020-07-27 Dear western mental health experts: stop calling yourselves ‘global’
Here’s a WEIRD truth.
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578 2020-07-15 We’re getting better at talking about suicides. Here’s how that could save lives
The suicide of a young Indian celebrity triggered an unprecedented public outcry for sensitive media coverage of suicides, pushing journalists to publicly commit to doing better. This could have a significant impact on reducing suicides. Coupled with already falling suicide rates in several countries, there’s reason to be hopeful.
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573 2020-07-07 What people with disabilities want us to know about touch
Touch is the primary medium through which we interact with the world. And yet, society almost completely ignores the complex relationship that persons with disabilities – 15% of the world’s population – have with touch. The stories of three people living with locomotor disabilities reveal what we are missing (hint: a lot).
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