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7595 2017-11-10 Voter ID laws, hackers, gerrymandering – just how much can a democracy take?
A year after the 2016 US elections, Republican legislators are operating as if they know they’ll never face free and fair contests again. Democrats continue to pin all their hopes on the 2018 midterms, as if nothing’s changed. Yet Americans still don’t know the extent of foreign interference or the effect that voter suppression had on the outcome. Time to ask ourselves:
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7106 2017-07-26 How Trump fulfilled a 30-year fantasy of becoming president, with a little help from the Kremlin
Donald Trump likes to present himself as a neophyte and political outsider, but that’s not even remotely true. He fantasized about a run for president as early as 1987. Now with the help of the Republican Party and, it seems, the Russians, he’s finally in. Debunking the “new guy” myth:
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6946 2017-06-23 Trump is the best autocrat. The best. Nobody has a better autocrat than we do
Living through the Trump administration is like reading a wildly implausible suspense novel and wanting to flip to the back to see it how it all turns out, only to find key pages are missing. But one thing is certain: whatever happens to Trump, he’s taking us all down with him.
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6591 2017-04-25 The tale of the dictator’s daughter and her prince
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are often viewed as a “moderating influence” on her father. But as their power in the White House grows and Donald Trump tightens his inner circle, this is looking more and more like a ruling dynasty. And this dynasty is no fairy tale.
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6487 2017-03-30 Why Trump’s ties to Russia would be way worse than Watergate
Never before has a US president been investigated for having ties to a foreign power. The oversight committee meanwhile – and at times the press – is acting more like a lapdog than a watchdog. And that’s just the lowlights.
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5860 2016-12-15 Donald Trump, Russia, and the Mystery of “These People”
Donald Trump’s cabinet picks are warmongers and kleptocrats. The Russians interfered in the US elections. And President Obama has ordered a full review of the evidence. But I’m most concerned about “these people.” Who does Trump mean by that?
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5696 2016-11-18 We’re heading into dark times. This is how to be your own light in the Age of Trump
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5575 2016-11-03 Our fate was sealed long before November 8 (and not because the election’s rigged)
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5466 2016-10-19 To Donald Trump, we are all bit players in a fantasy America starring Donald Trump
In Trump’s worldview, there are no middle or upper-class black citizens, only a horde of jobless, uneducated Americans fighting for survival amid the urban blight. His latest comments are the clearest evidence yet that Trump has no respect for the actual inhabitants of actual places. How can a man who’s been traveling the country all year still know so little about its people?
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5349 2016-10-01 Meet Darren Seals. Then tell me black death is not a business
This Ferguson protestor and local activist was found murdered in St. Louis last month. To the end, Darren Seals continued to call out those who exploited black suffering for their own benefit – something that didn’t always win him friends. A portrait of a city’s pain and a life cut short.
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5185 2016-09-01 How do you become “white” in America?
Trump has retweeted white supremacist groups and has the backing of the Ku Klux Klan. He uses whiteness as a weapon, and his candidacy on a major party ticket threatens to put the country back some 200 years. What does Trump’s vision of whiteness mean for a diverse country like the U.S.?
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5072 2016-08-11 Clinton Derangement Syndrome: Diagnosing the real reason that so many Americans hate Hillary
She is experienced, she is qualified, and she is the only thing standing between Donald Trump and the most powerful office in the world. So why does she inspire such widespread contempt?
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4935 2016-07-15 On the ground in Flyover Country
Much of our news comes from the East or the West Coast. But what about that vast space in between, the ‘Flyover Country’? Home to more than half the nation’s people, it is here in the American heartland that presidents are made. Join me in the run-up to the November election, as I report on the U.S. from Middle America.
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