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796 2020-11-13 Yes, it’s all the fault of Big Oil, Facebook and ‘the system’. But let’s talk about you this time
The idea that individuals can’t solve the climate crisis has gained momentum in progressive circles. They say we can’t change the world by shaming each other for air travel or eating meat. But how much are ideals worth if they don’t demand sacrifices?
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685 2020-09-24 This is what climate change means if your country is below sea level
Climate change can feel so overwhelming that it becomes abstract. If we want to understand and fight this global threat, every nation needs a national narrative. This is the Dutch story – where the climate crisis threatens the very existence of the country itself.
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668 2020-08-31 Science shows the remedy for hatred and prejudice is as simple as it is revolutionary: contact with our enemies
How do you reconcile sworn enemies and end hatred and prejudice? The forgotten story of two identical twin brothers who ended up on opposing sides of the struggle to end apartheid in South Africa offers an answer: contact with your enemy.
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622 2020-07-31 Here’s a radical idea that will change policing, transform prisons and reduce crime: treat criminals like human beings
In Norway, convicted murderers can work freely with chainsaws and other potentially lethal tools. The result? When life on the inside resembles life on the outside, former inmates become good neighbours.
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466 2020-05-14 The neoliberal era is ending. What comes next?
In a crisis, what was once unthinkable can suddenly become inevitable. We’re in the middle of the biggest societal shakeup since the second world war. And neoliberalism is gasping its last breath. So from higher taxes for the wealthy to more robust government, the time has come for ideas that seemed impossible just months ago.
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443 2020-05-04 Brace yourself for the most dangerous idea yet: most people are pretty decent
Now more than ever we need a view of human nature based on trust and solidarity – because individualism and competition won’t get us through this pandemic.
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386 2020-04-02 Has the time finally come for universal basic income?
In the past few weeks, calls for a universal basic income have been louder than ever. Even the US is sending cheques to most citizens. And rightly so – the coronavirus pandemic requires radical action. Seven years ago, I wrote for the first time about a forgotten idea whose time has come.
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350 2020-03-13 Don’t forget: disasters and crises bring out the best in people
Disasters and crises bring out the best in us. This simple fact is confirmed by more solid evidence than almost any other scientific insight, but we often forget. Now more than ever, in the middle of a pandemic, it’s crucial to remember this.Sure, our news feeds are flooded with cynical stories and comments. A report on armed men stealing rolls of toilet paper in
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283 2020-02-11 Poverty isn’t a lack of character. It’s a lack of cash
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6777 2017-05-26 Poverty isn’t a lack of character. It’s a lack of cash
I got to speak at the big TED conference in Vancouver about universal basic income and the poor. Here’s my TED Talk, where I lay out why “venture capital for the people” is such a good idea. For all of us.
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4664 2016-06-08 Why do the poor make such poor decisions?
Our efforts to combat poverty are often based on a misconception: that the poor must pull themselves up out of the mire. But a revolutionary new theory looks at the cognitive effects of living in poverty. What does that relentless struggle to make ends meet do to people?
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4503 2016-05-17 The bizarre tale of President Nixon and his basic income bill
In 1969 President Richard Nixon was on the verge of implementing a basic income for poor families in America. It promised to be a revolutionary step – had the President not changed his mind at the last minute. This is the incredible and largely forgotten tale of just how close the U.S. came to stamping out poverty altogether.
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541 2013-12-24 Why we should give free money to everyone
We tend to think that simply giving people money makes them lazy. Yet a wealth of scientific research proves the contrary: free money helps. It is time for a radical reform of the welfare state.
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