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834 2020-12-10 The Correspondent will stop publishing on 1 January 2021. We’d like to thank our members for their support
Members will automatically receive a full refund of the remainder of their membership in the first weeks of the new year. All published articles will remain available online. We want to thank all our members for their support.
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784 2020-11-07 With president Biden, there’s hope for realism (but let’s be real about that hope)
It ended the way it began: with a lie.At his first press conference after his inauguration as president, Donald J Trump gestured at a table stacked high with papers, which were allegedly documents detailing how he had relinquished control of his business interests. Those papers were, as it turned out later,
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698 2020-09-16 Dear news media, stop covering the US as if it’s a democracy
The US is on its way to becoming an authoritarian state. That requires a radically different kind of journalism that doesn’t just cover the news, but defends democracy.
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670 2020-09-01 How we unbroke the news in 2020 (and what we’re up to in 2021) 
In our first year of unbreaking news, we’ve gone beyond the headlines to uncover the systems that underpin our world. Here’s what we’ve got planned for year two.
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616 2020-07-30 What I learned about racism by listening to people who experience it
“I don’t see colour.”Seven years ago, I said something a lot like that in reference to racism, convinced that it was the right thing to say. Now, seven years later, I’m ashamed to read my words again. And when I hear someone else say it, I’m filled with shame on their behalf.What changed is that I stopped asking what I think racism is, and started listening to what people who actually experience it firsthand were saying. People who look different than I do. People who come from somewhere else than I do. People who experience the world differently than I do.This piece is an attempt to summarise what I learned from them. Nothing in this article is intended as accusation or censure, but if it feels like that anyway, there might be good reason that it is. I felt attacked too when it came to racism, and I now see that was part of the problem. If your response is to feel irritated or defensive, ask yourself why that is. The answer may be illuminating.If you don’t feel attacked, it’s probably because, as astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson puts it:
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564 2020-06-30 Our best journalism from June
Didn’t have the time to read all our journalism? Here you’ll find our must reads of the past month.
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464 2020-05-21 The real reason we’re ad free (and six other questions from our members, answered)
What do we mean by constructive journalism? Why do we have members and not subscribers? And you get it, we’re ad free. But so what? Managing editor Eliza Anyangwe and founding editor Rob Wijnberg answer the seven most frequent questions we get about The Correspondent.
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449 2020-05-07 Why climate change is a pandemic in slow motion (and what that can teach us)
If this time is showing us anything, it’s this: we are able to transform society on a global scale in order to protect ourselves from danger. Now is the time to solve not just one crisis, but two at the same time.
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410 2020-04-16 How the truth became whatever makes you click
Just like our education and healthcare systems, our information supply has been heavily commercialised in the past decades. Truth has become a product, aimed at satisfying a need. The advent of digital capitalism turned truth into whatever makes you click.
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354 2020-03-18 Coronavirus in context: a guide to help you understand the pandemic
In this guide, we share the most important insights to help you understand the corona pandemic from our platform and other key sources.
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343 2020-03-13 Post-postmodern human: aware of everything, willing to change nothing
From climate change to sweatshop slavery, our choices as consumers cause bigger problems than ever. We are aware of this, so why doesn’t it make us change our ways? Because the post-postmodern human is a consumer first, a citizen second. The good news: a cultural transformation is possible.
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322 2020-03-05 Truth be sold: how truth became a product
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228 2020-01-16 Podcast: Can you quit the news and still change the world?
Swiss author Rolf Dobelli believes that most news is irrelevant to our lives. In a conversation in front of a live audience, we explore the value of current affairs and whether democracy can survive without the daily bulletin.
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197 2019-12-24 More divided than ever? The truth is we agree much more than we think we do
Polarisation is the buzzword of our time. Watch TV or scroll through Twitter, and you would think disagreements were tearing the world apart. But nothing could be further from the truth.
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120 2019-11-19 The British are going to miss Europe. Not for what it is, but for what it’s not
How Boris Johnson will deliver Brexit is yet to be seen. One thing is for sure: it’s hard for the British to truly see what they’ll be missing once they leave the EU because the story of Europe is largely an account of all that has vanished.
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104 2019-11-07 The great paradox of our time: everything is both better and worse than ever before
In the past two centuries, fossil capitalism has made us wealthier, healthier, safer and more informed than ever. Now, however, this driver of progress has begun to cause our demise, making us feel cynical, or powerless. Yet there is always room for hope – that is the nature of humankind.
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17 2019-09-30 Our problems don’t stop at the border. So why should journalism?
Most news, although spread throughout the world via social media, is still strongly shaped by national borders. To really understand the world around us, we need journalism that transcends these borders and identities.
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21 2019-09-30 Why we want our journalists to be open about their worldview
We don’t think journalists should pretend to be ‘neutral’ or ‘unbiased’. Instead, our correspondents level with you about where they’re coming from, in the belief that transparency about point-of-view is better than claiming to have none.
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22 2019-09-30 The problem with real news, and what we can do about it
Fake news is a poisonous term, but real news is an even bigger problem: it gives us a deeply skewed view of probability, history, development, and relevance.
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18 2019-09-30 Why we let you decide your own membership fee at The Correspondent
We believe in a pricing model based on trust, inclusivity, and solidarity. That’s why you can choose your membership fee for this platform.
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