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818 2020-11-30 Part-time politics is only for the privileged: what I’ve learned from half a year as your Political Literacy correspondent
A global pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, record turnout for bitterly divisive US elections still being contested weeks later – a lot has happened since I started writing about political literacy. Here’s what I’ve learned so far.
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604 2020-07-27 This Bolivian organiser shows us: we can solve the world’s problems without politicians
Does the arc of progress bend towards democracy? Activists are learning how to teach governments about people power, says Oscar Olivera.
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557 2020-06-29 I’m a middle-aged white man. Instagram taught me why #statuesmustfall
After 30 years of committed journalism, my understanding of racism is still naive. Pop star Selena Gomez helped me to cross this Rubicon.
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521 2020-06-10 Democracy isn’t working: five ideas that are already helping to fix the problem
Innovations in people power are changing how government decisions are made, from Brazil to Kenya, Switzerland and Taiwan.
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480 2020-05-21 How do we know democracy is broken if we don’t know what it is?
Low trust, fake news, and a lot of money. Democracy is facing its biggest threat in decades, maybe centuries. But before we can fix it, we need to understand what it is.
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421 2020-04-22 My name is Patrick and I’m politically illiterate. You are too
Talking politics often feels like a personal health hazard. Unless we can learn to understand our own roles in a dysfunctional system, there’s no chance of fixing it. Come learn with me.
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70 2019-10-16 An Athenian remedy: the rise, fall and possible rebirth of democracy
Governments chosen by elections face profound challenges the world over, including in Greece, the birthplace of democracy. So where better to look for potential solutions than modern-day Athens?
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