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489 2020-05-29 Quiet pride
People don’t have to be public or loud to love themselves. They just have to love themselves.
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482 2020-05-22 Who are you?
If you find this question hard, try describing yourself without mentioning your previous work experience.
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481 2020-05-21 A brief investigation of a certain history of humankind
Join my book club and dig deep into Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari to uncover all kinds of humans.
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462 2020-05-13 People like me don’t miss the outside. Here’s why
I miss being able to do what I want. I don’t miss the constant casual sexism, homophobia, or street harassment. And I don’t miss being in a city that excludes the majority and rewards a rich minority. But a different kind of city is possible – a city designed around community and solidarity.
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450 2020-05-08 Parenting in a pandemic
Empathy makes every human relationship easier, including the one known as parenting.
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401 2020-04-10 Why not create something for its own sake?
Creating something for its own sake is a gift that we do not often feel we have. Embrace it.
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387 2020-04-03 The truth is rarely original
As more of us get a glimpse of dystopia, let’s remember those for whom every day has been a crisis.
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382 2020-03-31 Buchi Emecheta shows us you can never be alone when you belong to a community
What is it like to live completely alone surrounded by millions of people? Now more than ever, Buchi Emecheta’s stellar novel The Joys of Motherhood is essential reading.   
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378 2020-03-27 Why social distancing won’t work for us
Keep a distance from each other. Work from home. Or rely on a social safety net. The measures against the coronavirus pandemic are made by and for those parts of the world that can afford to retreat in individualism. But for millions of people in cities like Lagos, Nigeria, there’s no such thing as socially distancing yourself.
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375 2020-03-27 A chance to build a new normal
Sudden upheaval makes us question what we used to know. As we struggle and adjust, we have an opportunity to create a new, better normal.
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360 2020-03-20 LOL. And mean it.
Things are strange, but the laughter hasn’t left us. That’s how I know we’re going to be ok.
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351 2020-03-17 Callout: read along with our bookclub, The Other Shelf
I’ll be continuing my investigation into the vastness of human complexity with The Joys of Motherhood by Buchi Emecheta. I’d like you to read along and point me to other essential reading.
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332 2020-03-13 Who makes the rules that shape your life?
There is so much power in examining the script of your life and asking yourself: is this working for me?
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333 2020-03-06 Women’s month, women’s year, women’s lives
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316 2020-02-28 If we value life so much, why do we care so little about the people who carry it?
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294 2020-02-14 Forget romantic love. Let’s celebrate (and practise) a different kind of love instead
You know the story: a dashing man meets a damsel in distress, and they live happily ever after in wedded bliss. But real love is so much more than a fantasy. Love is embracing curiosity and caring for ourselves. It’s working for the collective good and self-respect. And yes, when done properly, love can change the world.
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245 2020-01-24 No matter what you think of protesters, you have them to thank for society’s progress
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147 2019-12-02 Borders don’t just keep people out. They define their worth
Most borders are recent inventions, so why can’t we imagine a world without them? They’re historical hangovers that perpetuate suffering and injustice. And they’re not even that effective. It’s time to rethink the importance we give to arbitrary lines on a map.
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79 2019-10-22 Death is a good way to gauge who we think deserves to live
People die violent deaths in both the US and Nigeria – why do I fear it there and not here? Where people have little power, they become more vulnerable.
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33 2019-09-30 The stick figure on the door: unconscious ways we exclude each other
Difference is innately human. Indignity and discrimination are not. We need to be able to recognise what makes a person distinctive, without losing sight of what we all share.
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