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827 2020-12-04 Focusing on the future
As I prepare my mind for this shift – coincidentally, in time for a new year, I invite you to join me
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822 2020-12-01 How violence silently starts by rejecting other people’s identities
Powerful feminist voices have been denying trans women’s experiences or painting them as menaces. But we should remember that violence against vulnerable people starts by labelling them as a threat.
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817 2020-11-27 I won’t debate you. Here’s why.
I’m interested in robust conversations about our individual and collective roles in making the world less unjust
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810 2020-11-19 Naming is a tool of power
When a person tells you who they are, the natural human instinct is to believe them.
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798 2020-11-13 Only solidarity will save us
It is only when we divest from these systems that pit us against one another that we approach true freedom.
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779 2020-11-06 We’re not here at anyone’s mercy
People are demanding their right to life, to safety and to freedom.
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759 2020-10-22 Nigerians are being murdered
This week, the armed forces turned #EndSARS protesters into more victims.
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754 2020-10-16 End SARS
But that’s not all.
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741 2020-10-09 Normal is good enough
Now shut up and write.
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713 2020-09-25 Grief is love, too
‘Grief is what happens when you have nowhere to put your love.’ – Eloghosa Osunde
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689 2020-09-11 Caster Semenya deserves better
There is no fixed way to be human: the faster we learn how to make space for who people are, the better off we’ll be.
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676 2020-09-07 In Nnobi, men can be wives and women can be husbands. Here’s what that teaches us about gender today
The European gender binary reinforces sexual dualism based on genitals. In Ifi Amadiume’s seminal work, we get a glimpse into how a society functions when it rejects that rigid binary in favour of fluid gender performance.
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675 2020-09-04 Whose knowledge?
Whose knowledge are we learning from – and whose are we missing?
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644 2020-08-28 We need more of ‘more’
My writing makes many of you uncomfortable. And that’s a good thing.
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636 2020-08-10 Read along with our bookclub to discover other ways of looking at gender
I’ll be continuing my investigation into the vastness of human complexity with Ifi Amadiume’s Male Daughters, Female Husbands. I’d love for you to read along.
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631 2020-08-07 Ignorance is power too: why JK Rowling deliberately repeats untruths about trans people 
I fell in love with the world of Harry Potter as a kid, but when it comes to gender, JK Rowling’s imagination is limited. What’s truly magic is understanding that we don’t have to know everything about someone’s reality to respect them.
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623 2020-07-31 Three minutes and twenty-four seconds
That’s how long the average parent gets child-free before being inter– ...
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611 2020-07-24 Do we need a class about the billionaire class?
Here’s what’s wrong with being a billionaire.
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567 2020-07-03 We’re not in control. That’s okay.
Tips for surviving when things feel like they’ve been ‘a lot’ for too long.
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558 2020-06-26 Rainbows are forever
To be alive while Black, while Queer.
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