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790 2020-11-11 Not every Trump voter is racist or misled. There’s a rational Trump voter too
Joe Biden won the US elections last week. But Donald Trump still got a record-breaking 71 million votes. These can’t all be explained away by ignorance and racism. There’s a rational Trump voter who we need to understand if we want to keep the forces of populism at bay. 
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776 2020-11-02 The future of America is not decided tomorrow. It’s decided every day
The media has gone into overdrive: America decides! The future of the country and the world is at stake! But real transformative change does not occur overnight – it’s the result of lots of small decisions that happen when we’re not paying attention.
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763 2020-10-22 Trump’s legacy will extend far beyond his presidency even if he loses
A Biden win is not the end
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749 2020-10-15 Why has Africa been spared?
The continent did some things differently, but does that explain why it avoided the worst of the pandemic?
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740 2020-10-09 Amid the drama of the election, US voters are forgotten
2016 was a cry for help that did nothing but entrench all the corruption and venality of American politics.
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720 2020-09-30 Why the world can get worse by constantly saying it’s getting better
Progress is a measure of things being different, not necessarily better. And talking about it as an achievement can actually make it more difficult to spur real forward movement. If we want to understand our society’s progress, we need to change the way we speak about it.
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683 2020-09-10 Our world is built for profit. Let’s build one that protects us instead
We live in a society where it’s easier to get a Michelin-star meal delivered to our doorstep than it is to get a medical mask that protects our nurses and doctors. And it’s designed that way. But we can change it for the better, just as we can ourselves.
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602 2020-07-22 In praise of office work
It’s taken me a lockdown to realise: offices aren’t about work, they’re about life.
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576 2020-07-09 How 50 years of racial progress fuelled a global movement against racism
Protests against racial injustice are nothing new, but they’re different this time around. The Black Lives Matter movement is a response to worsening racism, but it’s also the result of black people’s increasing power, influence and progress.
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554 2020-06-30 Brexit happened by a thousand cuts. The challenge now is to build back trust
A decisive round of Brexit talks begins this week. Don’t be fooled – there isn’t much to look forward to when it’s completed. After political deadlock and infighting, Brexit has fractured the trust between a people and their government.
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549 2020-06-24 Transition is harder than change
On grappling with what life will look like after coronavirus.
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536 2020-06-17 The unintended consequences of solidarity
Read black writers and learn from them about anything, not just race.
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522 2020-06-10 Black lives sometimes need a minute
Let us breathe and give us space. It’s been a rough couple of weeks.
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474 2020-05-28 Meet our Better Politics correspondent, Nesrine Malik
We read a lot about what’s going on in the world, but very little on how we can use politics to make people’s lives better. This beat wants to change that narrative.
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494 2020-05-28 Why US Americans always end up with a president who is less progressive than they are
The majority of people in the US are progressive on the big issues, but the media and political establishment close ranks to make sure they get a card-carrying centrist candidate like Joe Biden. If progressives want to win, they’ll have to reframe the debate.
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459 2020-05-13 We’re not all in this together
Lockdown means different things to different people. For some of us it might turn out to have been a gift.
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425 2020-04-24 The real story of US American democracy isn’t the drama. It’s the complete unresponsiveness to it
Democracy in the United States has often been declared at risk – if not actually dead, then at least, on life support. But American democracy isn’t dead, it’s in a deep and worrying coma.
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409 2020-04-15 Why won’t our parents self-isolate?
If you’re having trouble keeping your elderly parents inside, try spending more time with them.
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393 2020-04-08 What makes a revolution successful?
Revolutions are explosions of demand for a better politics. If they’re achieved they’re not in vain, despite the terrible pain they inflict.
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383 2020-04-01 How do you do, fellow kids?
Memes: an unexpected way and a small price to pay for moments of shared amusement and connectedness.
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