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836 2020-12-26 Doing journalism with you, not just for you: 15 months of putting members at the centre
It was too little time, but it was enough to give us a glimpse of the power of collaboration that "memberful journalism" offers.
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785 2020-11-13 The next generation is fighting harassment and indifference to tackle the climate crisis. Here’s what they want you to know
From Yemen to Mexico, the next generation is raising awareness about the climate crisis – often in challenging and dangerous circumstances. We gathered together young activists from around the world to hear the voices missing from the mainstream climate debate.
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715 2020-09-25 Happening now! Ask us anything: how our correspondents are unbreaking news
To celebrate our one year anniversary on 30 September 2020, we’re bringing together the five correspondents who form the beating heart of our member-funded journalism. Join them in conversation to talk about what they’ve learned in a year, with you.
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475 2020-05-20 Should we worry about governments taking our data to fight the pandemic? Ask our experts all your questions
Thanks to the choices that governments and tech companies are making, we are facing added risks during this pandemic. But does this go beyond questions of privacy? Our next transnational chat, on 27 May 2020, will interrogate this question and more.
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473 2020-05-20 The Correspondent’s conversation editor Nabeelah Shabbir explains how member expertise is changing journalism
Journalism shouldn’t start or end with a finished article. We’re in constant conversation with our members, experts and correspondents on our platform. Conversation editor Nabeelah Shabbir explains how we share our knowledge through conversation at The Correspondent.
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461 2020-05-14 This is what the inequality pandemic looks like
Pandemics of the past have taught us this lesson before. In theory, we think that a virus is coming for all of us. In reality, it comes for some of us.
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413 2020-04-17 Yes, the pandemic does discriminate. Join our global chat about rising inequality
As the virus spreads, so does inequality. We’re inviting global health experts, anthropologists, social scientists, epidemiologists, writers and activists to tell us how the coronavirus pandemic is worsening inequality.
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396 2020-04-07 Help us understand how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting inequality around the world
In March, we invited experts from around the globe who are on the medical and information frontlines of Covid-19 to
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381 2020-03-31 Why Covid-19 is not like the flu (and eight other key insights from experts)
The amount of information about coronavirus is overwhelming. So we organised a live chat with experts from around the world on 24 March. Here were the nine key points.
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362 2020-03-20 Ask the experts: what questions do you have about the coronavirus pandemic?
We’re bringing together experts from all over the world to talk to you and answer any questions you have on the virus and pandemic.
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308 2020-02-25 Experts around the globe told us 10 ways to make migration policy more humane
People have to leave their countries for economic reasons or for survival. Could they find it easier to do so if the laws were clearer, if public support was catered to, if there was more focus on temporary labour conditions... here are some more solutions
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260 2020-01-30 Yes, we still need the news. But it needs to be done differently
How do we fix the news? Experts and members shared antidotes and solutions in our transnational chat.
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83 2019-10-24 Fighting for the climate … and then homework. What it’s like to be a young activist
From Sudan to New Zealand via Colombia and Japan, we hosted a conversation with 17 young climate activists. Here’s what we learned.
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51 2019-10-02 Community guidelines: 9 ways to ensure constructive contributions
By inviting member contributions and questions, we believe that our journalism can be made richer, and members can also learn from each other. Here are a few tips to make it a positive experience for all.
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