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739 2020-10-13 Why women’s gymnastics is legal child abuse
Women’s gymnastics has a decades-old, reform-resistant culture of abuse. It’s hard to see a solution when child abuse isn’t an exception in women’s gymnastics – it’s the logical consequence.
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651 2020-08-20 Successful people rarely admit how lucky they were. This coach does
Successful people usually attribute their success to their own efforts. And the underachievers generally blame circumstances instead. But Roger Schmidt is an exception: he acknowledges that he owes his unexpected success to luck and coincidence. And that is precisely what makes him such a good coach.
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579 2020-07-14 Michael Lewis dreams of a world where US Americans elect a president who actually wants the job
The better option is a leader who would at least try to drive the government machine.
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469 2020-05-20 This anonymous armchair analyst is teaching world-class football players something even the biggest clubs can’t
How do footballers achieve excellence? For one of the best defenders in the world, Stefan de Vrij, and his video analyst, every hundredth of a second counts.
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406 2020-04-14 The curious tale of the football international nobody ever heard of (because he was born in the wrong month)
At the highest level in sports, the month of your birth can determine your chances of success to a startling degree. Steve Lawrence, father of a gifted football player born in the wrong month, discovered this ‘relative age effect’ 20 years ago – and fought to save his son’s career from failure. This is his incredible story.
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337 2020-03-09 Why hard work and specialising early is not a recipe for success
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2607 2015-03-24 How data, not people, call the shots in Denmark
Little Danish club Midtjylland have put analytics squarely at the heart of their operations. Whether the task is player recruitment or match evaluation – it’s statistics first in Denmark. Could they be football’s answer to the Oakland A’s of Moneyball fame?
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