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747 2020-10-14 How I ended up in a scientific spat about migration figures and what I learned from it
Statistical models have become so complicated that hardly anyone understands them. And that makes it incredibly hard to verify statistical studies – not just for casual readers but also for journalists, and apparently even for experts.
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606 2020-07-24 A key assumption about migration turns out to be wrong – taking a few of my articles down with it
A new study debunks the concept of the ‘migration hump’, an influential theory which stated that when a country develops, migration goes up. The implications for Europe’s migration policies are worrying. 
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506 2020-06-03 This is a solution to poverty, human smuggling, and Europe’s ageing society. But hardly anyone wants it
Europe is getting older. And fast. The good news: there’s a solution to this looming problem. The bad news: basically no one wants to go near it.
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483 2020-05-22 How one leaky rubber boat could sink the EU’s entire migration policy
At the end of 2017, a tiny boat with 150 African migrants on board sank into the Mediterranean sea. Some of them drowned, some were taken to Italy, and a number disappeared into a hellish Libyan detention centre. Seventeen survivors filed a lawsuit – and the court case could capsize the entire EU migration policy. 
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319 2020-03-02 What is deadly dull and can save the world? (Hint: you probably hate it)
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235 2020-01-18 Europe is the promised land – and nothing will convince these migrants otherwise
Many migrants want to get to Europe – and no costly EU awareness campaign will dent their idealised vision of life there.
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213 2020-01-09 What happens to migrants who are sent back? I spent a year following 12 people to find out
We constantly hear about migrants trying to get to Europe but never about what happens to those who are unsuccessful. I followed 12 people after their return from a failed journey.
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136 2019-11-25 Want to make sense of migration? Ask the people who stayed behind
More than 50% of all Nigerian migrants in the EU come from a single, relatively small city. I visited Benin City to find out why. Talking to the people who never left, I heard stories that upend Europe’s narrow narrative of a multifaceted issue.
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93 2019-10-31 10 questions that explain the European Union’s migration policy
Ahead of a reported series tracking how millions of euros allocated by the EU to "tackle the root causes of migration" are spent, I go behind the headlines and the rhetoric to lay out exactly what Europe’s migration policy is.
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7306 2017-09-13 How Free Press Unlimited silenced its own journalists
The Dutch aid organization Free Press Unlimited supports independent media outlets worldwide. But when its radio station in South Sudan sounded a critical note about donors, Free Press Unlimited intervened: “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”
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4328 2016-04-14 What’s deadly dull and can save the world? (Hint: We can’t stand it)
What do poor people need most? Food? Healthcare? Education? The answer is as surprising as it is simple. And it can be found under fluorescent lights and modular ceilings.
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