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786 2020-11-10 The pandemic has shone a light on our crisis in care. It’s time for a caring revolution
The pandemic has thrown a long-festering care crisis into sharp relief, says psychologist, feminist activist and author Lynne Segal. What if we prioritised care instead of making it an afterthought?
Lynn Berger 11
782 2020-11-09 Without care, society would be impossible. So why do we take it for granted?
Care is often invisible. As your new Care correspondent, I want to help us see, understand and practise it better.
Lynn Berger 7
752 2020-10-20 What’s not sexy but saves lives, resources and the Earth?
From buildings to bridges, from factories to family homes, we humans are notorious for neglecting routine maintenance. In a surprisingly hopeful new book, two historians explain why our distaste for maintenance is both understandable and destructive, and what we can do about it.
Lynn Berger 12
719 2020-10-05 Life is moving faster than ever, yet we spend just as much time waiting
We spend much of our daily lives waiting. While it’s said that patience is a virtue, being forced to wait is one of life’s most intensely frustrating experiences. The good news: seeing time as something we share instead of something that can be taken from us, turns waiting on its head.
Lynn Berger 13
661 2020-08-27 Becoming a parent means losing part of yourself
The transition to parenthood can be extreme. For many new parents, madness, loss and transformation are not exceptions to the rule, but an integral part of the journey.
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568 2020-07-10 What is it like when people like you aren’t listened to? This author knows all about it
The latest book by US author Rebecca Solnit is about growing up with the idea that people like you have no right to exist, about not being heard, about living in constant fear of violence. The topic is painfully relevant today.
Lynn Berger 5
555 2020-06-26 Why grandparents are the ultimate essential workers
Since March, many societies have been split into distinct groups: vulnerable older people,  essential workers, and the rest of us who must take precautions to keep others safe. It’s time we realised that our elders play a vital role in raising children – and they actually make us stronger.
Lynn Berger 19
514 2020-06-09 Meet the parenting expert who thinks parenting is a terrible invention
There’s no shortage of books, magazines and websites offering parenting advice. But the idea the parents can turn their children into better and more successful adults if only they use the right methods is completely misguided, says developmental psychologist and philosopher Alison Gopnik. 
Lynn Berger 45
455 2020-05-11 Once more, for feeling: why trying new things is overrated (and repetition is vital to society)
We’re constantly told to try something new. ‘Innovate, don’t stagnate.’ But doing things two, three or 30 times creates space for reflection – and innovation. And it can even bring unexpected joy.
Lynn Berger 11
427 2020-04-24 Why the meaning of home has changed (now that we can’t leave the house)
Home is more than a place. It’s a cultural concept, an ideal, a kind of loyalty. With millions of people stuck in their homes, lockdown has changed the meaning and the experience of “home”.
Lynn Berger 11
403 2020-04-13 Who’s afraid of loneliness?
With social isolation measures confining many of us to a company of one, warnings of a ‘loneliness pandemic’ and a ‘social recession’ abound.  These warnings signal a relatively new understanding of loneliness – one that speaks volumes about the times we live in.
Lynn Berger 23
346 2020-03-25 You used to have hobbies. Now you have to have an obsession
Detoxing, house plants, healthy eating – we’re obsessed with obsessions. Obsessions promise perseverance, focus and success, without us having to do it all ourselves. But what do we stand to lose as a result of this modern addiction?
Lynn Berger 8
297 2020-02-17 How we turned into batteries (and the economy forces us to recharge)
Energy has become modern society’s holy grail, but what if we don’t want to spend our limited time on Earth constantly recharging and draining ourselves? In an age of punishing pressure to be productive, saying no is the opposite of negative.
Lynn Berger 9
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