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832 2020-12-10 How Turkey became a drone power (and what that tells us about the future of warfare)
In less than 15 years, Turkey has worked its way up to become one of the world’s top users and manufacturers of armed drones. The key to this rapid growth is a DIY approach. And more and more countries are realising they can do it themselves too.
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805 2020-11-18 Drones have changed warfare. This is what life is like as a constant human target
The use of drones fundamentally changes the nature of war. The pilots are invisible and untouchable, with a terrible price being paid by ordinary citizens. Turkey’s military operation in northern Iraq reveals that all too clearly.
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4087 2016-02-25 Meet the most persecuted people in the world
They survived ghettos, pogroms, slave ships, and torture camps. There’s a reason the UN calls them the most persecuted group in the world. And no, those causing the misery aren’t radical Muslims, but nationalist Buddhists. Photographer Andreas Stahl and I traveled to three countries to record the Rohingyas’ story – a story that can only be described as the chronicle of a genocide foretold.
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