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476 2020-05-19 Why should young people be involved in politics? Kids, the floor is yours ...
We invited young activists from all around the globe to tell us why young people should have the vote and how they can shake up politics. Here are the six key things they want you to know.
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453 2020-05-08 Jacinda Ardern was mocked for telling kids the tooth fairy is an essential worker. But here’s why that’s politics done right
Once upon a time, there lived people who thought politics was just for grownups. But young people have a clear worldview of their own – and their moral clarity could be just what we need to shake up stagnant political systems.
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418 2020-04-21 Dear parents, stop organising your kids’ playtime
Now that 1.5 billion children are stuck at home, parents struggle to arrange a schedule for schooling and playtime. The good news: play doesn’t need to be planned – and it shouldn’t be.
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408 2020-04-14 On love, care, and the role of family
For many people and communities, home is so much more than an address.
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394 2020-04-07 Stop judging parents by how their children fare
On the difference between parenting and caring for one’s child.
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380 2020-03-31 On tooth fairies and dreamy swims in lockdown
The coronavirus doesn’t only affect us adults. Some politicians are already addressing children directly about the virus, and research about the impact of quarantine on speech development is underway.
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366 2020-03-24 Let’s get our v-words right! And other lessons you have taught me
For example that, in uncertain times, it’s even more important to shift your focus to what you can control.
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359 2020-03-20 12 things I wish I knew about sex before I started having it
The Netflix series Sex Education got me thinking about those early awkward moments of confusion when I became sexually active. So, inspired by the series, here’s a list of some of the things that I wish I had known back then.
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353 2020-03-17 Lessons on entertaining ourselves indoors from the masters of simple play
What happens exactly when children play? I want to know all your questions about play as I’m setting about this new research topic.
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340 2020-03-10 Women! Women everywhere (even on the walls)
Thoughts on feminism straight from the walls of cities around the world.
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326 2020-03-03 I was writing about male and female brains, but I decided to kill my story. This is why
Learning how much I didn’t know made me reconsider the path I was on.
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277 2020-02-07 The birth of a movement: how activists are winning the battle to make abortion a right
Despite the sometimes deadly consequences, church and state have always made sure abortion was legally restricted in Argentina. But the tide is turning. By engaging with young people and building a diverse coalition, pro-choice activists are forcing the government to act.
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271 2020-02-04 Women subjected to FGM are not just victims. Many are actively fighting back to stop the practice
As the world marks International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM, it’s time to recognise those women who are fighting back.
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254 2020-01-28 Why ‘vagina’ should be part of everyone’s vocabulary
If we use the right words, we stop being ashamed of our bodies.
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219 2020-01-14 What I’ll be writing about in 2020 – and how you can help
I want to create a network of people experiencing the first 1,000 days in one way or another around the world.
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170 2019-12-12 Trauma can be inherited. We need to understand what we’re passing on
When it comes to negative experiences in childhood, the body seems to keep score. But even small changes can positively affect health in later life.
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115 2019-11-12 How the things we don’t remember shape us just as much as those we do
Aged 12, Maryam Zaree discovered she had been born in one of Iran’s most notorious prisons. I spoke to her about her new documentary, Born in Evin, which explores childhood memory and trauma. 
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81 2019-10-23 Children are a quarter of the world’s population. Imagine urban planning from their point of view
What are your best memories of playing as a child? What were you doing? Were there any adults with you? It was the beginning of October, at the Health Summit in Uppsala, Sweden, and Mariana Brussoni, a developmental psychologist, was putting these questions to an international audience. With a show of hands, Brussoni wanted to know whose favourite moments involved play outside. At this question most hands went up – being outdoors has clearly been a key part of many childhoods.Though more rigorous evidence is needed, from the studies that have been done on the topic, there is a
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35 2019-09-30 Eat, play, love: Just how much are you shaped by your first 1,000 days of life?
Neuroscience has identified this period – from conception, through nine months of pregnancy, plus two years – as critical for brain development, but it also matters in so many other ways.
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39 2019-09-30 Meet our First 1,000 Days correspondent, Irene Caselli
From understanding the city from a child’s perspective, to geeking out about brain development, find out what to expect from this beat.
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