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803 2020-11-23 Listen, love and educate: here’s how to talk about our toughest issues (like abortion)
Activists and legal experts from around the world shared their work on reproductive rights, and how we can best understand one another on divisive issues.
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812 2020-11-20 Dear parents, stop organising your kids’ playtime
2020 has been a trying year for parents, with many struggling to arrange a schedule for schooling and playtime. The good news: play doesn’t need to be planned – and it shouldn’t be. On World Children’s Day, it’s the perfect time to remember and value the importance of play.
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771 2020-10-29 Breast milk is free (and five other myths about breastfeeding debunked)
Breastfeeding is misunderstood. It may be natural, but that does not make it easy, spontaneous or free. If we want to make policies that respect breastfeeding, we can start by debunking these six myths.
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709 2020-09-23 Everybody was a child once. Remember that when they turn into your political foes (or worse)
The boy was two years old when his mother disappeared from his life. Struggling to recover from the birth of a younger son, she constantly went in and out of hospital. Without her, the boy relied on his eldest sister, 12 at the time, who bathed her four younger siblings, fed them, tucked them in at night. The boy learned to fear his father, the only adult in the household, from a very young age. He spent long hours away from home, working in real estate. On the rare occasions he was present physically, he was absent emotionally. He thought children were nuisances who needed to be trained to obey. Boys in particular, he believed, had to be treated sternly because emotions could corrupt them.Like any toddler, the boy needed play time to discover the world and his carers’ attention to thrive and develop. But when he cried, he was scolded or, worse, ignored. The person the boy needed the most was the one he was most terrified of.The impossible task of gaining his father’s approval became so important to the boy that later, when he grew up to become the 45th president of the United States, he put a picture of his dad in pride of place on his desk in the Oval Office.The first time I felt empathy for Donald J Trump I was surprised to learn that Donald J Trump, who grew up in
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687 2020-09-11 The birth of a movement: how activists are winning the battle to make abortion a right
Despite the sometimes deadly consequences, church and state have always made sure abortion was legally restricted in Argentina. But the tide is turning. By engaging with young people and building a diverse coalition, pro-choice activists are forcing the government to act – even during the pandemic.
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641 2020-08-11 Sometimes when you lose a person, you get lost too
But this newsletter is a safe space for me, a place that gives me a sense of direction.
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628 2020-08-04 Due to patriarchy ... 
This week, due to patriarchy, I’m exhausted ...
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613 2020-07-28 Why do we decide to have, or not have, children?
There’s a lot to learn from listening to the voices of those who don’t want children.
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592 2020-07-17 Human milk is the first intelligent superfood. We need to know the science of this medicinal marvel
From added insulation on cold days to extra antibodies during illness, the benefits of breast milk are customised for every baby. If science will just tell us how, we could argue less about formula and breast pumps.
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503 2020-06-02 Understanding this will help you fight less with your kids at home
Now that we spend more time than ever under the same roof as our children, understanding how they play will help you look at your home differently – and maybe fight a little less too.
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476 2020-05-19 Why should young people be involved in politics? Kids, the floor is yours ...
We invited young activists from all around the globe to tell us why young people should have the vote and how they can shake up politics. Here are the six key things they want you to know.
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453 2020-05-08 Jacinda Ardern was mocked for telling kids the tooth fairy is an essential worker. But here’s why that’s politics done right
Once upon a time, there lived people who thought politics was just for grownups. But young people have a clear worldview of their own – and their moral clarity could be just what we need to shake up stagnant political systems.
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418 2020-04-21 Dear parents, stop organising your kids’ playtime
Now that 1.5 billion children are stuck at home, parents struggle to arrange a schedule for schooling and playtime. The good news: play doesn’t need to be planned – and it shouldn’t be.
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408 2020-04-14 On love, care, and the role of family
For many people and communities, home is so much more than an address.
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394 2020-04-07 Stop judging parents by how their children fare
On the difference between parenting and caring for one’s child.
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380 2020-03-31 On tooth fairies and dreamy swims in lockdown
The coronavirus doesn’t only affect us adults. Some politicians are already addressing children directly about the virus, and research about the impact of quarantine on speech development is underway.
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366 2020-03-24 Let’s get our v-words right! And other lessons you have taught me
For example that, in uncertain times, it’s even more important to shift your focus to what you can control.
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359 2020-03-20 12 things I wish I knew about sex before I started having it
The Netflix series Sex Education got me thinking about those early awkward moments of confusion when I became sexually active. So, inspired by the series, here’s a list of some of the things that I wish I had known back then.
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353 2020-03-17 Lessons on entertaining ourselves indoors from the masters of simple play
What happens exactly when children play? I want to know all your questions about play as I’m setting about this new research topic.
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340 2020-03-10 Women! Women everywhere (even on the walls)
Thoughts on feminism straight from the walls of cities around the world.
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