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825 2020-12-03 Doing holiday shopping online? Here’s why you shouldn’t choose the fast delivery option
The pandemic has us all shopping online more. Which makes sense – it’s safe and easy. But how sustainable is all that online shopping? And what can consumers and online stores do to reduce their environmental impact?
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528 2020-06-15 LIMITED TIME OFFER: Read this FREE article and never look at DISCOUNTS the same way again!
There’s a sale on 365 days a year. Both online and off, we’re constantly deluged with aggressive, insistent bargain deals. What are the consequences of this never-ending flood of discounts?
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446 2020-05-06 The high cost of cheap fashion: our clothes are turning the planet into one big plastic soup
Synthetic materials have taken over our wardrobes. They dry quickly, and they’re wrinkle-free and comfortable. But evidence is mounting of the damage that microfibres are doing to the environment. We’re slowly changing everything around us into one big plastic soup.
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424 2020-04-28 The more Patagonia rejects consumerism, the more the brand sells
The outdoor clothing brand is a noisy critic of the consumer society, but annual sales have reached a billion dollars – and counting. Given the industry’s ecological impact, can there really be a difference between ‘good growth’ and bad growth?
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416 2020-04-20 Fashion unravelled: why you get holes in your T-shirts faster (even when you pay more)
A shirt that shrinks two sizes after a single wash, jeans that rip too quickly or bikini bottoms that are baggy after just one holiday. The quality of clothes is declining. Even high-end brands sometimes seem like they don’t last much more than one season. The reason? Fashion has to be fast.
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