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828 2020-12-08 Practising gratitude may be fashionable, but that doesn’t make it any less powerful
‘Tis the season to be thankful. But aside from improving your sleep or mood, what else is a gratitude practice good for? I find out if counting your blessings can change your life.
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794 2020-11-12 This ancient idea for coping with uncertainty might be just what 2020 needs
To start her quest to better understand the good life, Emily Dreyfuss looks to the idea that philosophy can be a way of life.
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693 2020-09-14 How do we live a good life in 2020?
This year has forced us to reflect on our lives and ask ourselves: have I been living a good life? This concept exists across cultures, religions and pop culture, but what does it really mean? In this new series, I will explore ‘the good life’ for those who strive for it, and for those who are shut out.
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690 2020-09-14 Podcast: In search of a good life
The pandemic is new, but the question of how to live a good life is as old as the Ancient Greeks. Emily Dreyfuss speaks to Eliza Anyangwe about why she’s searching for the good life, and why now.
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486 2020-05-25 Kneading sanity and stability: why bread broke the internet
For months now, social media has been awash with pictures of one food group: baked goods. Sourdough loaves, naan bread, and boiled bagels abound. I’m not a baker, but I’ve given in to the need to follow a recipe when all the rules on how we live are off the table.
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