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812 2020-11-20 Dear parents, stop organising your kids’ playtime
2020 has been a trying year for parents, with many struggling to arrange a schedule for schooling and playtime. The good news: play doesn’t need to be planned – and it shouldn’t be. On World Children’s Day, it’s the perfect time to remember and value the importance of play.
Irene Caselli 19
810 2020-11-19 Naming is a tool of power
When a person tells you who they are, the natural human instinct is to believe them.
OluTimehin Adegbeye 17
809 2020-11-19 Plastic is a brilliant material. But our relationship with it is trash
It’s in your smartphone, you brush your teeth with it and it’s even in your mattress. Plastic is everywhere – and it’s not going anywhere soon. But as important as the material is, we treat it carelessly because we’ve been taught that it’s worthless. We can start to change that.
Maikel Kuijpers 26
805 2020-11-18 Drones have changed warfare. This is what life is like as a constant human target
The use of drones fundamentally changes the nature of war. The pilots are invisible and untouchable, with a terrible price being paid by ordinary citizens. Turkey’s military operation in northern Iraq reveals that all too clearly.
Lennart Hofman 6
806 2020-11-18 There’s a war going on about 5G (and no, that’s not a conspiracy theory)
Washington has gone to war with 5G builder Huawei and other Chinese technology companies. China’s solution? Build an independent tech industry, which could ensure that it emerges much more technologically advanced from this trade war.
Evgeny Morozov 23
801 2020-11-17 Hey Siri, what are you doing with my voice?
It won’t be long before there are more listening devices in the world than people. You tell them what to do, and they listen. But behind the convenience and your voice assistant’s friendly tone lies a labyrinth of AI, and what exactly happens to your voice once it disappears inside that maze remains unclear.
Zeno Siemens-Brega 8
791 2020-11-16 ‘Creating a world where we can just be’: artists respond to 2020’s crises
In June, The Correspondent invited five pan-African creatives to discuss the power and potential of creative expression – particularly against the backdrop of a global pandemic and anti-racism protests.
Eliza Anyangwe 3
800 2020-11-16 The deep seabed holds vast knowledge about how Earth works. That’s why scientists are finally mapping the ocean floor
Only 20% of the ocean floor has been mapped in any detail because even the most cutting-edge technologies aren’t effective at the greatest depths. But understanding the deep sea is essential to protect people from climate change and natural disasters.
Jan van Poppel 4
797 2020-11-13 This is how universal basic income can change lives (and four other stories for your weekend)
Every Friday, our team handpicks the best stories for your weekend. This week: a beautiful insight into the difference universal basic income can make in people’s lives and a profile of the progressive politician haunting Republicans’ and establishment Democrats’ dreams.
Shaun Lavelle 2
798 2020-11-13 Only solidarity will save us
It is only when we divest from these systems that pit us against one another that we approach true freedom.
OluTimehin Adegbeye 4
785 2020-11-13 The next generation is fighting harassment and indifference to tackle the climate crisis. Here’s what they want you to know
From Yemen to Mexico, the next generation is raising awareness about the climate crisis – often in challenging and dangerous circumstances. We gathered together young activists from around the world to hear the voices missing from the mainstream climate debate.
Nabeelah Shabbir 3
796 2020-11-13 Yes, it’s all the fault of Big Oil, Facebook and ‘the system’. But let’s talk about you this time
The idea that individuals can’t solve the climate crisis has gained momentum in progressive circles. They say we can’t change the world by shaming each other for air travel or eating meat. But how much are ideals worth if they don’t demand sacrifices?
Rutger Bregman 131
794 2020-11-12 This ancient idea for coping with uncertainty might be just what 2020 needs
To start her quest to better understand the good life, Emily Dreyfuss looks to the idea that philosophy can be a way of life.
Emily Dreyfuss 14
790 2020-11-11 Not every Trump voter is racist or misled. There’s a rational Trump voter too
Joe Biden won the US elections last week. But Donald Trump still got a record-breaking 71 million votes. These can’t all be explained away by ignorance and racism. There’s a rational Trump voter who we need to understand if we want to keep the forces of populism at bay. 
Nesrine Malik 164
786 2020-11-10 The pandemic has shone a light on our crisis in care. It’s time for a caring revolution
The pandemic has thrown a long-festering care crisis into sharp relief, says psychologist, feminist activist and author Lynne Segal. What if we prioritised care instead of making it an afterthought?
Lynn Berger 11
782 2020-11-09 Without care, society would be impossible. So why do we take it for granted?
Care is often invisible. As your new Care correspondent, I want to help us see, understand and practise it better.
Lynn Berger 7
784 2020-11-07 With president Biden, there’s hope for realism (but let’s be real about that hope)
It ended the way it began: with a lie.At his first press conference after his inauguration as president, Donald J Trump gestured at a table stacked high with papers, which were allegedly documents detailing how he had relinquished control of his business interests. Those papers were, as it turned out later,
Rob Wijnberg 15
780 2020-11-06 Why winning the lottery won’t make you happy (and five more stories for your weekend)
Every Friday, our team handpicks the best stories for your weekend. This week: why things that you think will make you happy won’t, a beautiful exploration of borders and identities, and odes to music albums that changed lives.
Shaun Lavelle 2
779 2020-11-06 We’re not here at anyone’s mercy
People are demanding their right to life, to safety and to freedom.
OluTimehin Adegbeye 4
783 2020-11-06 How to cope with the year of uncertainty in the age of on demand
We built a culture of speed, but a pandemic forced us to go still. We made waiting obsolete, but 2020 forced us to wait for a vaccine or just a hug from friends. And now, we nervously wait for the world’s most powerful country to decide its new leader. In the year of uncertainty, the solution is small, incremental actions instead of big, energy-sapping plans.
Tanmoy Goswami 27
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