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846 2020-12-30 The best of The Correspondent – recommended by the people who made the stories
With a focus on transnational journalism, I hope you’ll find our stories and approach relevant, informative and inspiring long after we stop publishing. Here is the best of The Correspondent, according to ‘Team TC’.
Eliza Anyangwe 2
836 2020-12-26 Doing journalism with you, not just for you: 15 months of putting members at the centre
It was too little time, but it was enough to give us a glimpse of the power of collaboration that "memberful journalism" offers.
Nabeelah Shabbir 2
837 2020-12-17 The biggest story in the UK is not Brexit. It’s life expectancy
Why have mortality rates risen unexpectedly in England and Wales? That should be the question preoccupying the British public. Instead, in a country distracted by leaving the EU, politicians can get away with blaming the weather.
Danny Dorling 12
835 2020-12-14 The future of agriculture lies in the past
Accelerated climate change forces agriculture to reinvent itself. For the solution, we must listen to cultures around the world who have dealt with difficult agricultural conditions for thousands of years, says the famous writer and researcher Charles C Mann.
Charles Mann 45
834 2020-12-10 The Correspondent will stop publishing on 1 January 2021. We’d like to thank our members for their support
Members will automatically receive a full refund of the remainder of their membership in the first weeks of the new year. All published articles will remain available online. We want to thank all our members for their support.
Rob Wijnberg 47
832 2020-12-10 How Turkey became a drone power (and what that tells us about the future of warfare)
In less than 15 years, Turkey has worked its way up to become one of the world’s top users and manufacturers of armed drones. The key to this rapid growth is a DIY approach. And more and more countries are realising they can do it themselves too.
Lennart Hofman 20
831 2020-12-09 The next pandemic is being hatched in industrial poultry farms
The current avian influenza outbreak in northwestern Europe isn’t dangerous for humans. But it’s only a matter of time before there’s a new strain that will cause a deadly pandemic, scientists warn. And it’s clear as day where these new deadly subtypes might come from: the European poultry industry.
Thomas Oudman 13
828 2020-12-08 Practising gratitude may be fashionable, but that doesn’t make it any less powerful
‘Tis the season to be thankful. But aside from improving your sleep or mood, what else is a gratitude practice good for? I find out if counting your blessings can change your life.
Emily Dreyfuss 8
829 2020-12-07 2020’s biggest lie? ‘Mental health is for everyone’
The ongoing call to democratise mental health is again failing those who have traditionally lacked representation.
Tanmoy Goswami 2
827 2020-12-04 Focusing on the future
As I prepare my mind for this shift – coincidentally, in time for a new year, I invite you to join me
OluTimehin Adegbeye 2
820 2020-12-04 The time has come to take the self out of self-care
The longest year of the 21st century is about to end; New Year resolutions ahoy. It’s that time again when we embrace self-care, and a booming self-care industry serenades us with its baubles. But the seemingly fun, empowering idea of self-care has an ugly underside: it is weaponised against those who are most vulnerable and have the least access to resources.
Tanmoy Goswami 41
825 2020-12-03 Doing holiday shopping online? Here’s why you shouldn’t choose the fast delivery option
The pandemic has us all shopping online more. Which makes sense – it’s safe and easy. But how sustainable is all that online shopping? And what can consumers and online stores do to reduce their environmental impact?
Emy Demkes 12
822 2020-12-01 How violence silently starts by rejecting other people’s identities
Powerful feminist voices have been denying trans women’s experiences or painting them as menaces. But we should remember that violence against vulnerable people starts by labelling them as a threat.
OluTimehin Adegbeye 32
819 2020-11-30 Seven quick, essential reads that will change the way you think about mental health
I have learned a tonne from the people behind them.
Tanmoy Goswami 2
818 2020-11-30 Part-time politics is only for the privileged: what I’ve learned from half a year as your Political Literacy correspondent
A global pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, record turnout for bitterly divisive US elections still being contested weeks later – a lot has happened since I started writing about political literacy. Here’s what I’ve learned so far.
Patrick Chalmers 3
817 2020-11-27 I won’t debate you. Here’s why.
I’m interested in robust conversations about our individual and collective roles in making the world less unjust
OluTimehin Adegbeye 10
802 2020-11-27 Big Tech has immense power. Here’s how Europe and the United States are trying to rein them in
Governments on both sides of the Atlantic are taking on the power of Big Tech – the big names like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft. How do they think they can do that? And do they have a chance of succeeding?
Riffy Bol 17
814 2020-11-25 There’s a revolution happening in global mental health
The global mental health movement was expected to address the inequities between high- and low-income countries. But after a little over a decade, the movement suffers from many of the same flaws it set out to tackle. Can an unlikely alliance signal an alternative pathway to real change?
Tanmoy Goswami 42
811 2020-11-24 What homeless people need most is not a house. It’s an address
Addresses bestow a system of organisation on the world and make us findable. But they can also exclude people.
Josta van Bockxmeer 4
803 2020-11-23 Listen, love and educate: here’s how to talk about our toughest issues (like abortion)
Activists and legal experts from around the world shared their work on reproductive rights, and how we can best understand one another on divisive issues.
Irene Caselli 3
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